Why KENTUCKY HEMP LAND Real Estate Professionals?

Not all land is the same. You need experts to guide you in the purchase of land to grow hemp. Joe Riddell and his team are the experts!

Joe was raised on a 375 acre dairy and crop farm (tobacco, corn, soy beans, hay, etc.) in Central Kentucky. His father worked hard as the tenant farmer.

Joe later became involved in the thoroughbred industry and also became a realtor. Joe has 30+ years of real estate experience, selling 26,000+ acres of land with 187 million in career sales.   

Ryan Smith has been a successful real estate agent in Central Kentucky for 7 years now, and he has a background in greenhouses and flower growing. Ryan worked as a Sales and Merchandising Manager for the 18th largest flower grower in the U.S., Smith Gardens Inc., http://smithgardens.com, hiring and managing 50+ people to work as plant merchandisers in Walmart garden centers in Washington and Oregon.

Justin Riddell is a real estate agent and has a strong interest in business and hemp. He's also Joe's nephew. 

With this knowledge and team, we are ready to help you find the ideal land to grow hemp.